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All courses are approved by the state of Georgia. Provider approval #2008-100012.  Georgia cosmetology license renewal classes. 

5 Hour Cosmetology Success Package 5.0 
5 Hour Esthetician Package 5.0 
5 Hour Hair Stylist Package  5.0 
5 Hour Master Cosmetologist Career Pkg 5.0 
5 Hour Master Cosmetologist Success Pkg 5.0 
5 Hour Nail Technician Package  5.0

Building Your Career - (Spanish also)  1.0
Electric Nail File  2.0 
Ergonomics: Advanced   1.0      
Hair Color Made Simple  2.0        
HIV Prevention and Sanitation (DTAE): 3 hour Georgia  3.0      
Industrial Hygiene: Advanced  2.0       
Pedicure Essentials  2.0      
Pedicures from a Podiatrist's Perspective  2.0      
Skin Care Essentials   1.0   
Teaching Methodology  2.0 
The Easy Way to Become Successful in the Beauty Industry (Spanish also) 2.0   

Georgia Cosmetology Classes - Sample Course Descriptions
Georgia 5 Hour Cosmetology Career Package
HIV Prevention and Sanitation (DTAE): 3 hour Georgia
This course is designed for use by cosmetologists (including, but not limited to hairstylists, barbers, manicurists, and others as defined by local statute) who might come into contact with blood or other body fluids during the course of their work. Topics covered include an overview of HIV/AIDS, how it is spread, HIV prevention, Universal Precautions (barrier protection, personal cleanliness, and disinfection), other bacterial, viral and fungal infections, sterilization and disinfection, distinction between disinfectants and antiseptics, sanitation of hands, tools and other equipment and requirements for salon ventilation and cleanliness.
Class Objectives
  • Know the hazards of blood borne pathogens.
  • Know how blood borne pathogens are spread.
  • Know strategies for avoiding/preventing contamination by blood borne pathogens
  • Know strategies for sterilizing and sanitizing various “sharp” instruments such as cutting blades, tweezers, shears, etc.
  • Know strategies for disposal of biological wastes, used “sharps”, etc.
  • Know strategies for disposal of contaminated materials such as piercing needles, cotton strips, etc.
  • Know the hazards of other biological contaminants including bacterial, viral and fungal infections.
  • Know how these infections are spread.
  • Know strategies for preventing bacterial, viral and fungal infections.
  • Know strategies for sterilizing non-cutting items, such as combs, brushes, etc.
  • Know strategies for sterilizing/sanitizing surfaces, hands, etc.
  • Understand the difference between disinfectants and antiseptics.
  • Know strategies for storing sterilized instruments.
  • Understand Universal Precautions and Recommendations.
Course Topics
1 - HIV and AIDS
  • HIV/AIDS discrimination
  • HIV causes AIDS
  • Treatment
  • Prevention
2 – Other bacterial, viral and fungal infections
  • Bacteria life cycle
  • Sources of bacterial infection
  • Viral infection
  • Fungi and other parasites
  • Immunity and carriers
3 – Universal Precautions and Recommendations
  • Universal Sanitation and Sterilization Precautions and Recommendations for Salon Professionals
  • Barrier Protection
  • Gloves
  • Smocks
  • Masks, etc.
  • Personal Cleanliness
  • Disinfection
4 – Sanitation, Sterilization, Storage and Disposal
  • Sanitation, sterilization and contagious pathogens
  • Distinguishing between disinfectants and antiseptics
  • Sanitizing hands and surfaces
  • Disinfecting and storing tools and implements
  • Proper disposal of contaminated materials (needles, gauze, etc.)
Quizzes – You will not be required to pass the quizzes to continue to the next lesson.
Final Exam- The final exam must be passed with a 70% in order to receive course credit. The final exam can be taken three times if necessary.

Georgia 5 Hour Cosmetology Success Package 
HIV Prevention and Sanitation (DTAE) – 3 hours
The Easy Way to Become Successful in the Beauty Industry – 2 hours

Georgia 5 Hour Esthetician Package
HIV Prevention and Sanitation (DTAE) – 3 hours
Bloodborne Pathogens: Advanced – 2 hours

Georgia 5 Hour Hair Stylist Package
HIV Prevention and Sanitation (DTAE) – 3 hours
Hair Color Made Simple – 2 hours

Georgia 5 Hour Nail Technician Package
HIV Prevention and Sanitation (DTAE) – 3 hours
Pedicure's from a Podiatrist Perspective – 2 hours

Building Your Career
This course is designed to give you an overview of the cosmetology industry as well as teaching you some of the tricks of the trade. While introducing the fundamental theory and practices of the cosmetology profession. Course emphasis is placed on professional practices and safety.
This course has been reviewed and approved for 1 hour.

Hair Color Made Simple 
A complete breakdown of using color and the chemical make up of color products. Learn practices of quality coloring and corrective measures, including techniques for properly applying highlights and lowlights, differentiating between the many applications of hair color and proper measurements and color combinations.

Industrial Hygiene: Advanced
This course introduces OSHA 1910 Subpart Z, which deals with toxic and hazardous substances. Learn about keeping hazardous chemicals and materials from negatively affecting your health. This includes the use of personal protective equipment, cleaning procedures in the event of exposure to hazardous materials, and the procedures in place for conducting first aid and recording an incident of exposure in the workplace.

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